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How to Fix Broken Makeup


There are different ways to fix or repair broken makeup and even restore the old ones you have. Life can really be unfair sometimes. You just bought an Urban Decay Naked Palette and you accidentally dropped it. A couple of the shades broke. Should you just throw those broken palettes away? Of course not! Review these ways to repair your makeup like it was never broken:

How to Fix Broken Makeup

Check out How to Fix Broken Makeup at
Learn how to fix broken makeup

Dried Out Gel Liner

Can a dried out gel liner be restored? Here’s how to do it:

Step 1

Turn on the tap and grab some hot water. Or you just can boil water too.

Step 2

Put the gel liner inside a ziplock bag. Before sealing, make sure there is no air inside the bag to prevent water from getting in.

Step 3

Put the plastic bag inside the glass filled with hot water and just leave it there for 30-45 minutes.

After the allotted time, take the gel liner out and you can enjoy your creamy and smooth gel liner once again!

Dried Out Cream Eyeshadow

What to do if you left your cream eyeshadow open and it dried out? This.

Step 1

Add 2 drops of purified water to your cream eyeshadow.

Step 2

Put it in your microwave oven and set the clock at 10 seconds.

If it’s still not creamy, put it back and do another 10 seconds.

Repeat the process with 10-second increments until you reach the consistency you’re looking for.

How to Fix Dry Cream Eyeshadow – Step 3

There you have it! You just brought your cream eyeshadow back to life!

Broken Powder Makeup

Compact powder, blush, bronzers, contour powders, highlighters, eyeshadows are the most common victims of the deadly fall. Here’s what you can do to put them back together in one piece again:

Step 1

Get some rubbing alcohol and put it in a spray bottle.

Step 2

Do a couple of sprays directly on the broken powder makeup.

Step 3

Dab the excess alcohol with a paper towel.

How to Fix Broken Powder Makeup – Step 4

Put the cover back on with the paper towel and put it in the freezer for an hour or two…or until the alcohol is complete dissolved.

How to Fix Broken Powder Makeup – Step 5

Take it out from the freezer and check if the alcohol is all gone. Then, all you need to do is enjoy your bronzer, blush or powder!

Dried Out Mascara

Check out How to Fix Broken Makeup at

This is just too common ladies. Here’s how to deal with this problem:

How to Fix Dry Mascara

Reviving your dried out mascara only takes one step. You will only need contact solution, eye drops or hot water.

Put two drops of any of the above-mentioned solutions into your mascara. Shake it and you’ll have a born-again mascara to use freely!

Broken Lipstick

Surprise! When you open the cap, your lipstick just fell down, lifeless. Here’s what to do to make it undead:

Step 1

Take the broken part of the lipstick and melt the bottom end.

Step 2

Once melted, stick it back to the lipstick container.

Step 3

And… it’s back in its proper beautiful place!

There’s really no need to say goodbye to your makeup just yet. Restore and revive it, so you can make the most out of your beauty goodies!





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