Patriotic Makeup Look

7 Patriotic Memorial Day Makeup Looks You Should Try


There are a few ways we can celebrate the lives of the brave soldiers during this upcoming Memorial Day. For us, makeup geeks, the serving of Memorial Day makeup look is one way to contribute to the cause and the celebration.

If you haven’t an idea about what look to do I have curated some looks you can use as inspiration for your own Memorial Day 2020 makeup look.

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Memorial Day Makeup to Commemorate the Brave

1. Star-Spangled Banner

Patriotic Makeup Look | Patriotic Memorial Day Makeup Tutorials You Should Try

I love the creative take on this inspired Memorial Day makeup with the flag on the lips. The yellow star lip accent is artistry at its finest!

This look by Bri Nobles as seen below is a good first on this list. I also love the addition of glitter on her blue wing liner because it makes the look stand out even more.

2. Red and Blue Beauty

Simple Red Blue Eyeshadow | Patriotic Memorial Day Makeup Tutorials You Should Try

Veering away from the editorial creative but just using the colors on the flag as the makeup inspiration to create a semi-glam look. See how this used the white color as a highlight on her lower lid? I think that’s genius.

How about this beauty take by Maria Isabel Gomez?

3. Memorial Day Makeup Beauty

This work by Gia Vittoria reminds me of Las Vegas. All American, glitzy, and fun exactly what our brave soldiers protect. You can even put your own twist to this look by changing up the red stars with glitter stars, instead!

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4. New York Glam

You can even put the entire look on your eye just like what Amanda Nichole did. I love the whole idea of creating a vintage twist to this look with the blue eyeshadow extending all the way to the brow. When I look at this, I get reminded of New York City and what it represents to all of us. Big, bold, and beautiful.

How about doing the glam look on your lips instead of your eyes?

Red Blue Heart Lip Art | Patriotic Memorial Day Makeup Tutorials You Should Try

5. Ethereal Edit

Colorfuf Glittered Makeup | Patriotic Memorial Day Makeup Tutorials You Should Try
I am all for the half and half look at the red and blue colors. I think the glitter bomb all over is a beautiful addition and the lower lash glitter cascade just makes it a bit more dainty and ethereal.

This Memorial Day makeup look by Anna Pook is my favorite from this list.

6. Memorial Day Makeup Goth

How about a sexy, kind of gothic look presented by Nikki Frei? Notice the studs she put on her brow bone, I bet that’s to incorporate the stars on the American flag. I think it’s awesome how she made this look completely hers with a dark lip and a sexy, graphic winged eyeliner.

7. Memorial Day Makeup Classic Beauty

If all else fails, Nikkitutorials definitely won’t disappoint. This look is a classic for me. It’s very simple and clean, nothing fancy. Just a simple vivid blue eyeliner, red lipstick, and iridescent star glitter on the lower lid.

I hope that helped you create an idea for your own Memorial Day makeup look. It’s time to show your love and appreciation for the brave men and women of our armed forces by showing them how we can get creative with our favorite medium, makeup!

Are you a fan of any of these looks? If yes, let me know what your favorite Memorial Day makeup look is, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Share them in the comments section below.


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